Sunday, 27 February 2011

Films to consider for examples

Aim to explain succintly how the main female characters are represented and how these representations are conveyed. Remember to consider who the audience is.

Brief Encounter, David Lean, 1945 - IMBd entry

Dr No, Terence Young, 1962 - IMBd entry
Star Wars, George Lucas,1977 - IMBd entry

Alien, Ridley Scott, 1979 - IMBd entry

Alien Trailer here

Ellen Ripley - fan video

Aliens, James Cameron, 1986 - IMBd entry See trailers on that page.

See also Alien 3 by David Fincher, 1992, and Alien: Resurrection by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1997.
The Terminator, James Cameron, 1984 - IMBd entry

The Terminator 2, James Camron, 1991 - IMBd entry

Blue Steel, Kathryn Bigelow, 1989 - IMBd entry

Working Girl, Mike Nichols, 1988 - IMBd entry

Pretty Woman, Garry marshall, 1990, IMBd entry

Thelma and Louise, Ridley Scott, 1991 - IMBd entry
Charlie's Angels, McG, 2000 - IMBd entry

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Simon West, 2001 - IMBD entry

Mr and Mrs Smith, Doug Liman, 2005 - IMBd entry

Casino Royale, Martin Campbell, 2006 - IMBd entry

Knocked Up, Judd Apatow, 2007 - IMBd entry

Sex and The City: The Movie (2008) - "Official Trailer" - IMBD entry here. Watch the trailer there or here

Confessions of a Shopaholic, P.J. Hogan, 2009 - IMBd entry

Feminist Film Theories

From OverThinkingIt - female character chart

Female character Flowchart

Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women

The Impact of Social Media on Women's Self-Image and Self-Representation

This would make a good example for your response in terms of contemporary representations of women and uses another medium - web 2.0

The Expression of Female Identity Through New Media

A fantastic essay which explores the theme of collective identity in the online world. Do read carefully; it's a masterpiece in weaving together an argument, critical and researchers' views and specific examples.